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Benefits of Having a Root Canal and Crown Done the Same Day:

  • Save Time and Money by Having Both Done in One Appointment
  • Fast Recovery Time, No Worries About Multiple Appointments
  • No Need to Take Time Off for Multiple Visits
  • No Need to Worry About Temporary Crowns
  • Enjoy and Eat All Your Favorite Foods that Same Day
  • Regular home care and oral hygiene that Same Day

Root Canals in Peoria, AZ

When a tooth becomes painful to chewing and to drinking hot and cold liquids there is the possibility of permanent nerve damage. When that happens, the best treatment for the tooth is to do a root canal procedure. This procedure involves removing the nerve inside the roots of the tooth while preserving the rest of the tooth and its roots. Once the nerve is removed, the canals are then cleaned/sterilized and filled with a guttapercha material. Once the root canal procedure is done, the tooth has to be restored with a post/core and a full crown to protected it from future damage. In our office we perform the root canal, post and crown procedure in only one appointment, therefore there is no need for multiple visits which requires time away from work or family.

We will always be on the leading edge. I will continue growing my expertise and bringing the latest advancements in dentistry to our patients. One thing, though, will never change: The genuine, friendly and consistent way we care for you. It is what people appreciate about our office and it is why they are more that patients….they are real friends and part of our dental family.

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Dr. Victor Nitu