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Multiple Teeth Replacement with Implants

3D rendering of mouth with multiple dental implants at Victor Nitu DDS in Peoria, AZDental implants are one of the most effective solutions for replacing multiple missing teeth. If you have one or more missing or severely damaged teeth, it’s likely that you may experience one or more of the following dental issues.
•  Difficulty chewing food
•  Poor dental hygiene can lead to bad breath and gum disease
•  Shifting of adjacent teeth
•  Loss of jaw bone mass
•  Loss of confidence when talking or smiling

For individuals dealing with the issue of multiple missing teeth, there are three main treatment options:
•  A removable partial denture
•  A fixed bridge that is supported by multiple teeth
•  A dental implant

Removable Partial Denture

A removable partial denture relies on using a clasp to grab onto adjacent, healthy teeth. The clasp helps hold the denture in place. However, it can pressure the underlying gums and your other healthy teeth, eventually loosening your teeth and weakening the jawbone. Moreover, since there is no natural tooth root, your jawbone is likely to weaken over time and experience bone loss.

Fixed Bridge Supported by Multiple Teeth

A fixed bridge supported by multiple teeth is a conventional tooth replacement option that has been widely used in the past. However, with the advancements in dental medicine and a better understanding of the complications and risks associated with this treatment, this is not a widely popular treatment for replacing missing teeth today.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best treatment for replacing multiple missing teeth. Dental implants look and function exactly like your natural teeth. Dental implants prevent bone loss and other problems associated with missing teeth. Furthermore, dental implants are the longest-lasting alternative to replacing multiple missing teeth with low maintenance.

Benefits of Relying on Dental Implants for Multiple Missing Teeth

Some of the benefits you can enjoy when you choose dental implants as a tooth replacement treatment include the following.

Dental Implants Feel and Function Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants feel and function exactly like your natural teeth. When you opt for dental implants as a tooth replacement option, you can restore your genuine smile, chewing ability, and confidence.

Dental Implants Offer Long-Lasting Benefits

A removable partial denture or a fixed bridge may appear to be a cost-effective solution to replacing missing teeth. However, both of these treatments do not offer lasting benefits. Moreover, dentures and bridges need high maintenance and even replacement in a few years’ time.
On the other hand, dental implants are a lasting solution for replacing missing teeth. With adequate care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime.Taking care of your dental implants is as easy as taking care of your natural teeth. With regular brushing and flossing and by scheduling regular dental checkups, you can expect your dental implants to last a lifetime.

Preservation of Jaw Bone

Since a dental implant functions like your natural tooth, the dental implant serves as a tooth root that provides the proper stimulation to your jaw bone, keeping it healthy forever.

Dental implants are one of the best treatments for replacing missing teeth. If you plan to choose dental implants as a solution for your missing teeth, get in touch with Victor Nitu, DDS at Victor Nitu DDS to find out if you are a good candidate. Call us today at (480) 536-8228 and schedule an appointment.
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