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Dentistry for Kids
Peoria, AZ

You’re not the only one who requires dental care. Your children’s dental health is just as important as your own. The thing is, though, that the dental care your child needs is a bit different from your own. Victor Nitu DDS can provide your child with the expert care that they need.

When Should I First Bring My Child In?

One of the most common questions parents have is when they should bring their child in for their very first dental appointment. The answer is a lot sooner than most parents think. It’s recommended for children to have their first dental appointment by the time they turn one, regardless of how many teeth they have. Even if your child has no teeth by their first birthday, you should still schedule their first appointment.

Preventative Care for Kids

Children are typically more prone to cavities than adults are. This is due to several different factors. We can provide your child with the expert care they need to prevent cavities in their baby and their adult teeth. This care includes regular cleanings and exams, which should be done twice a year, as well as additional preventative treatments such as fluoride and sealants. We are also able to work with you and your child to develop a good oral hygiene routine at home.

Restorative Care

No matter how well you help your child take care of their mouth, sometimes issues still happen. Your child might develop a cavity. Sometimes, an accident can cause a tooth to chip or break. In some instances, a tooth might develop an infection. Even if the issue is affecting a baby tooth, care is still required. While your child loses their baby teeth, issues can impact their whole mouth, including the permanent teeth developing below the gum line. We provide many restorative treatments, including fillings, crowns, bonding, and root canals.

Orthodontics for Kids

As your child grows, we closely monitor the development of their teeth and jaws. This includes checking for any alignment issues that might be developing. By monitoring the changes in your child’s teeth and jaws, we can ascertain if orthodontic treatment is needed.

Orthodontics is more than just braces. While braces are common, sometimes treatment is needed sooner. Younger patients may be recommended a palatal expander or space maintainer. These devices help to ensure proper development to either prevent the need for braces or reduce the need for them later.

What Happens if My Child is Nervous?

Going to the dentist can be a scary experience for kids. We do our very best to provide a safe, comforting environment for all of our patients, children included. We can provide you with tips to help prepare your child at home to help make visits easier.

Your child needs professional dental care, just like you do. To schedule an appointment for your child, call Victor Nitu DDS at (480) 536-8228 today.

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Dentistry for Kids Peoria, AZ | Victor Nitu DDS
Your child needs professional dental care, just like you do. To schedule an appointment for your child, call Victor Nitu DDS in Peoria, AZ, today at (480) 536-8228.
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