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Are Dental Implants Right For You?

The Implant Consultation

Before your doctor can develop a treatment plan, you will first need to schedule a dental implant consultation. During your consultation the following will be required:

  • Complete Oral Examination
  • X-Rays
  • Treatment Options Discussion

Dental Implant Placement Surgery

What Can I Expect During The Appointment?

During the appointment, your doctor will:

  • Conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums.
  • Perform a complete set of x-rays to identify any underlying bone issues.
  • Discuss your treatment options with you.
  • Review dental implant options.
  • Answer your questions.

At your consultation, Dr. Nitu will perform a complete oral examination with x-rays to determine the condition of your jaw bone and if you have any bone issues. Patients with bone issues may require a bone grafting procedure before a dental implant can replace your missing tooth. Sometimes patients have lifestyle habits that would prevent them from being a good candidate for a dental implant such as poor oral hygiene, smoking, tobacco use or uncontrolled diabetes. Dr. Nitu will also answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment options.

After your consultation and exam Dr. Nitu can determine which dental implant options are right for you. For the most part unlike traditional partials and full dentures, you will not have to worry about dental implant restorations falling out, having to take them out to soak, or losing them. Since the dental implant “root” is set in your jaw bone, it will retain the bone and keep it from wearing away. Dental implants have been used for over 20 years and the technology is constantly changing and improving. When replacing a missing tooth, today’s patients have the option of several treatments such as traditional implants, implant supported dentures, or All-on-4™. Dr. Nitu will be able to explain each procedure and inform you of the best option for your individual needs.

We will always be on the leading edge. I will continue growing my expertise and bringing the latest advancements in dentistry to our patients. One thing, though, will never change: The genuine, friendly and consistent way we care for you. It is what people appreciate about our office and it is why they are more that patients….they are real friends and part of our dental family.

Learn more here, then call to schedule a visit with us. Along with everyone at our office, I look forward to caring for you.

Dr. Victor Nitu